Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Marwan Khoury ft. Carole Samaha - Ya Rab

Enti... Ba3dik Helwi W Sorti A7la
(You're Still Lovely And You've Became Even Sweeter)
Shou Hal Sodfi Ma Fi A7la
(Isn't This Unexpected Meeting The Sweetest Thing That Happened)
W Albi Yshoufik Yama Esta7la
(And While My Heart Is Looking At You It Feels So Nice)
Oulili Kifik Enti?
(Tell Me - How Are You?)

Enta... Ba3dak Enta W Ma Btetghayar
(You're Still The Same, You Haven't Changed)
M7ayarli Albi W M7ayar
(You're Seducing My Heart Incredibly Strong)
W Ba3dou Albak Tefl Zghayar
(Your Heart Is Still A Little Child)
Tammenni Kifak Enta?
(Assure Me - How Are You?)

Mashi Netzakkar 3a Droub...
(We Are Remembering Our Old Paths)
W Ymarje7na El Gharam
(Swinged By The Passion)
Leish B3edna W Keef 2derna Nensa Hak El A7lam
(Why Did We Become So Distant And How Could We Forget Those Dreams?)
Ya Leil El Ba3dou Naterna 3a Nfare2 Hal Iyam...
(One Night Is Still Waiting For Us, But The Days Separatd Us...)

Ya Rab Tdoum Iyamna Sawa,
(Oh God, Let Us To Be Together Again)
W Yeb2a 3a Toul Jame3na El Hawa
(And Let Us Stay Forever Together And In Love)
Ya Rab Tdoum... Ya Rab Tdoum
(Oh God Let Us Continue, Oh God Let Us Continue...)

Ya Rab N3eed Hal 7ob Elli Kan,
(Oh God, If We Could Return The Love That Existed)
W A7la Bi Kteer Mnel Madi Kaman
(And All The Most Beautiful Things From The Past)
Ya Rab N3eed... Ya Rab N3eed
(Oh God If We Could Return....)

Bhebbik... Bheb 3younik Lamma Bte7ki
(I Love You...I Love Your Eyes When They're Talking To Me)
W Keef Btersom Hak El De7ki
(And The Way They're Drawing That Smile)
Khalli Rassik Faw2i Liebki
(Keep Your Head High So I Would Cry)
W Mlok Hal Denyi Kella
(You Own The Whole World)

Bhebbak... Mbare7 Enta, Lyawm W Boukra
(I Love You...Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow)
Shta2tellak Ma 3endak Fekra
(You Have No Idea How Much I Miss You)
W Sa3b B3omri Tsabbe7 Zekra
(Its Hard To Have In My Life That Kind Of Memory)
Yalli Mnel Denyi Aghla
(That Is More Precious Then The World)

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