Monday, July 28, 2008

Fishing Villages...

A visit to kelantan
would not be complete without visiting it's
fishing villages.
Two of the most well known ones are at
Sabak Beach and Kuala Besar,
both about 14 to 15 km from Kota Bharu.
The brightly coloured fishing boats of
Kelantanese fisherman,
unique with their varied
hand-painted designs
and multitude of dazzling colours
are a sight not to be missed.
To fully appreciate the experience
make your way to the
villages late in afternoon
when they arrive
ashore with their days catch to witness the feisty
haggling that ensues between the fisherman
and their customers.
You can also watch
the village folk at work
mending their nets or setting out
fish to dry.

-taken from popular test pad front cover-

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