Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Melaka Townhouse...

The city of Melaka is the host to a wide and interesting collection of a
diversified culture minority ethnic communities, a unique blend of Eastern and Western
architecture and a rich background of history. As far back as the early 15th century,
Melaka was already the cradle of a modern
civilisation with the existence of a multi-rational society and the centre of trade in
the region that was even envied by the Europeans.
Traders and merchants of so many nations from
east and west gathered in this emporium of trade that it eas recorded that as many as 84
different languages were spoken here at the height of its glory.

Melaka or Previously known as 'Malacca'
is one of the thirteen states that belongs to
Malaysia and it is located 2 degree north of thr
equator by the shore of the Straits of Melaka between Singapura to its
south and Kuala Lumpur,
the capital of Malaysia to its north.
The State is divided into three district, Melaka Tengah or Central Melaka,
the District of Alor Gajah to the north and the District of
Jasin to the south.
almost all the interesting and historical sites are
located in Central Melaka and mostly in
the town area.

-taken from popular test pad front cover-

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